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Russian as a Foreign Language

At our university, foreign students can study the Russian language at any level of the State Testing System for foreigners in the Russian language.

Level I. This level includes the elementary and the basic levels. This educational program is the most demanded as it is the beginning stage of learning the Russian language.

Preparation for entrance exams. This program is for those who want to master the Russian language at the 1st level. It includes 460 academic hours to master the Russian language and 108 academic hours to master professional vocabulary. It also includes oral practice in science laboratories.

Level II. This level is designed for those who wish to learn the Russian language at a medical school graduate level. This level contains 720 academic hours, including 340 hours for mastering the professional vocabulary.

Level III. This level is for those who have studied the Russian language for a long time, who use Russian in the everyday life and conduct his/her professional activities in Russian. This level is usually required for postgraduates from foreign countries for successful scientific work including technical writing. 280 academic hours are envisaged to master the level.

Level IV. This level is for those who would like to master the Russian language to perfection. There is no State Educational Standard for this level since it approaches the native speaker level. The course recaps the main grammar rules, offers some linguistic and cultural information, and contains 180 academic hours.

The main goal of teaching Russian to foreign students is to prepare them for academic activities. The students should be able to read and understand information in their textbooks, to listen and understand lectures and take notes, to ask questions on the topic and respond to teacher’s questions, to take part in scientific discussions, be able to write abstracts of scientific papers and make presentations. The academic program for foreign students also includes studies in Russian history and culture using selected readings, excursions, special activities and contests.

International applicants must submit an application and their paperwork must be in compliance with the migration legislation.