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Pharmaceutical Faculty

    History: The Pharmaceutical Faculty of the Novosibirsk State Medical University was founded in 2001.

Despite the fact that the Pharmaceutical Faculty is relatively young it offers quality training  in pharmacy and is one of the most prestigious faculties of the Novosibirsk State Medical University!

    Training:  Pharmaceutical Faculty trains specialists in the field of pharmacy. It provides education according to the several educational programs:

- Secondary Professional Education (period of study: 2 years and 10 months, diploma: Pharmacy Dispenser).
- High Professional Education (the period of study: 5 years for full-time students or 5,5 years for part0time students, diploma: Pharmacist)

Pharmaceutical Faculty graduates can continue their education as interns in pharmacy management and accounting, pharmaceutical technology, pharmaceutical chemistry and pharmacognosy.

The Pharmaceutical Faculty also offers residency.

    Departments: Students receive training at 6 Pharmaceutical Faculty departments and at selected departments of other faculties. 

    Academic Staff: Among 60 teachers and instructors are Professors, Doctors of Medicine,  Associate Professors and PhDs in Medical Sciences.

    Students: Among  the students of the Faculty there are winners of various student awards. Students of the Pharmaceutical Faculty have numerous opportunities to attend national and international conferences.

The Pharmaceutical Faculty provides high quality education and prepares good specialists who work in pharmacies, pharmaceutical institutions, chemical and pharmaceutical factories all over the world.