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Faculty of Social Work

    History: The Faculty of Social Work of the Novosibirsk State Medical University was founded in 2002. It is one of the youngest faculties of the University.

   Training:  The aim of the Faculty of Social Work is to train social work specialists. Students gain knowledge in psychology, pedagogy and other social sciences.

- Diploma: Bachelor of Social Work
- Period of study: 4 years for full-time students and 5 years for part-time students.

 Students receive practical training in actual rehabilitation centers, orphanages, departments of the Ministry of Emergency Situations and in other institutions. This experience helps students to test their abilities in real life situations.

The Faculty of Social Work has 4 departments which are located on the main campus. 

    Academic Staff: Teaches and instructors are highly qualified professors, managers and social workers.

    Students: Graduates of the Faculty of Social Work work in state and public social institutions,  charities, emergency response organizations, police stations, schools, kinder gardens, orphanages and other children organizations.

 The Faculty of Social Work provides quality education and trains highly professional social workers.