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Faculty of Management

    History: The Faculty of Management was formed in 2011 as a result of a merger of the Faculty of Higher Nursing Education founded in 1999 and the Faculty of Economics and Management in Public Health founded in 2002.

    Training: Students receive extensive training in management, accounting and taxation in commercial and budget organizations. Courses include but are not limited to: organization of social medicine and public health care, labor conditions and compensation, public health care laws and regulations, marketing and advertising in medical institutions, insurance, logistics, nursing care.The Faculty of Management offers two study programs:

1. - Focus: Management
- Diploma: Bachelor of Management
- Period of study: 4 years for full-time students, 5 years for part-time student, 3 years for continuing education students with higher secondary education diplomas.

2. - Focus:Nursing
- Diploma: Bachelor of Management
- Period of study: 5 years for part-time students, 4 years for evening courses.

    Departments: The Faculty of Management is located in the main university building.

    Academic Staff: Courses are taught by the specialists in practical public health care, professors and assistant professors of the Novosibirsk State Medical University and other Novosibirsk institutions of higher education.

    Students: The Faculty of Management is proud of its students and graduates who run health care and other businesses in Novosibirsk and in other cities in Russia and overseas.


The Faculty of Management provides education of high quality. The faculty graduates have shown impressive results in managing various medical institutions.